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Piper Cherokee PA28-140

Piper Cherokee PA28-140

Private Pilot Flight Test

One of the many things that became possible during my time living in America was the chance to learn to fly; something I'd wanted to do since I was a young lad. This is the story of how I got my FAA pilot's licence, the proudest day of my life up to that point.

The morning of 10 December 1992 found me awake early as I needed to be at Sussex Airport in time to leave at first light. Actually, getting up early was a blessing as I had not slept well the previous night. Today I would be reaching the culmination of nearly two years’ effort and expense. Not to mention the support of my flight instructors, friends and not least by any means, Paul Styger, owner of Sussex Airport in New Jersey and a total gentleman. I had partly paid for my flying lessons by doing odd jobs around the airport, including painting anything that didn’t move out of the way quickly enough! (Thank you, Paul.) Now, as I lay there in bed in the cold darkness before dawn, panic started to set in. Would I be able to navigate my way from Sussex to Somerset Airport? Would I be able to satisfy the examiner with my navigation skills, slow flying, stall recovery, landing and the rest? Would I even remember how to fly an aeroplane at all? Want to read some more? CLICK HERE

Piper Cherokee PA28-180

Sussex Airport FWN

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