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Honda GL1200 Aspencade

Honda CX650TC Turbo

My first motorised bicycle was a Raleigh Runabout. I used to ride it to school when I was sixteen. I got the flaired bottom of my trouser-leg (it was 1976) caught in the fly-wheel once. It stopped the bike dead and chucked me on the ground. Most embarrassing!

I bought my first real bike in 1978. It was a Honda CB250 G5, registration NEW 99P and cost me £465. Since then I've always had a bike, either here or in America where I lived for a while. I brought two GL1200 Goldwing Aspencades (top left) back with me when I came home to the U.K. I've owned two Honda CX650 Turbos (bottom left,) absolutely amazing bike; years ahead of its time. I've had a number of Honda ST1100 Pan Europeans (bottom right.) For a while I was riding a Yamaha FJR1300 (top right - mine has panniers) a black (of course) 2002 model. I've now switched back to an ST1100 but I'm not convinced that was wise and I may well look for another FJR soon.

Robert is now big enough to go on the back which is good because he no longer fits in one of the panniers!

Yamaha FJR1300

Honda ST1100 Pan European

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